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Why is Pipette Calibration Important?


Why is Pipette Calibration Important?
Dr. Ulrike Gast
Field Application Specialist, Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG
Dr. Florian Bundis
Global Product Manager, Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG

Pipettes and other liquid handling instruments are widely used devices in all life sciences laboratories. The transfer of liquids in milliliter and microliter volumes is an essential technique in molecular and cell biology as well as biochemistry and microbiology labs throughout academia and in the healthcare sector.

The importance of accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments cannot be overestimated. The smallest inaccuracy may have a severe impact on your experiment ruining your results. Nevertheless, most users are not aware of this issue and continue to work with the affected instruments.

Due to the fantastic response from last year's webinar we are offering another opportunity to watch this educational webinar and interact with Dr. Ulrike Gast and Dr. Florian Bundis, who are experts in Liquid Handling. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why calibration of liquid handling instruments is important
  • How calibration is performed in a professional service centre
  • Which instruments should be calibrated on a regular basis


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