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High Precision Isotope Ratio Analysis, Simplified

High Precision Isotope Ratio Analysis, Simplified content piece image

Just when you thought it couldn’t be done, the Thermo Scientific™ Neoma™ MC-ICP-MS raises the bar. Building on the strength of our multicollector technology, this next generation system delivers all the advantages of high-precision isotope ratio analysis, but none of the limitations.

The Neoma MC-ICP-MS delivers on performance with market-leading sensitivity, isotope ratio precision, and accuracy. The latest hardware and software make the Neoma MC-ICP-MS easier to use than prior generation MC-ICP-MS systems. What’s more, the Neoma MC-ICP-MS is net zero, allowing you to do analysis without costing the Earth.

Download the whitepaper now to learn more about how we created the net zero Neoma MC-ICP-MS.