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Novel Technology Expands the Power of DIA-MS

Novel Technology Expands the Power of DIA-MS content piece image

Data independent acquisition mass spectrometry (DIA-MS) is the next-generation proteomic methodology that can help you generate a permanent digital proteome map with highly reproducible retrospective analysis of cellular and tissue specimens. Now, Zeno SWATH DIA reveals tens, hundreds and even thousands more identified and quantified analytes in a shorter time and with higher precision than ever before. Reaching new depths of coverage, Zeno SWATH DIA delivers maximal information in minimal time.

Download this whitepaper to review the exciting technology behind the advances in data independent acquisition and explore how it can enhance your research. You will learn how Zeno SWATH DIA can help you to: 

  • Identify and quantify more proteins and peptides
  • Shorten run times to as little as 5 minutes with minimal compromise in proteome coverage
  • Reduce sample size to keep your precious samples
  • Discover and translate significant biomarkers confidently with higher MS/MS sensitivity