Innovative Methods to Detect Viruses in Food


Because of this increasing number of enteric virus outbreaks, it has become even more important to have reliable and widely applicable techniques for the detection and quantification of viruses in food samples.

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Optimization of a Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization source for GC used with a High Resolution TOFMS


-Tune solution allows optimization of ion source parameters for
both proton transfer and direct ionization
-Independent ionization processes exist for M+ and MH+
-Optimizing for dopant signal intensity yields inferior results
-Degree of fragmentation remains relatively constant over a
range of source conditions

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The Big Fat Science Quiz of the Year 2016


Test your knowledge of the biggest breakthroughs and announcements from the world of science last year.

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Leaf-Inspired Continuous-Flow Photochemistry


Solar-powered photomicroreactor harnesses Sun's energy for continuous flow photoredox reactions.

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Leaf-Inspired Photomicroreactor Could Power A Step Change In The Chemical Industry


We talk to Dr. Tim Noel about work and inspiration behind his group's latest design, a photomicroreactor.

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MIT develops 3D Antibody Array

MIT develops 3D Antibody Array

Biosensors containing up to 100 stacked layers of antibodies offer greater sensitivity.

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EPA to Put in Place Process to Evaluate Chemicals That May Pose Risk

The EPA are to put in place a process to evaluate chemicals that may pose a risk for the first time in 40 years.

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EPA, FDA Issue Final Fish Consumption Advice

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued final advice regarding fish consumption, geared toward helping women who are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers make informed choices when it comes to safe to eat.

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Risk Factors Associated with Reduced Water Use in Building Plumbing Examined

Researchers from Drexel, Penn State, the University of Colorado - Boulder, and the Environmental Science Policy and Research Institute are examining risk factors associated with reduced water use in building plumbing

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