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Latest Articles

A pregnant woman stands over a cot.

Do Cesarean-Born Babies “Miss Out” on Essential Microbes?

Much research has focused on the gut microbiome, but we also carry microbes in other bodily parts, including the respiratory tract, skin and genitalia. How do other microbiomes, beyond the gut, develop during infancy, and can factors such as delivery method affect their development? Technology Networks interviewed Dr. Wouter de Steenhuijsen Piters to find out.
A prototype of the solar still, some orange peel in a dish and a container of MXene powder with a lab in the background.

How Do You Make a Water Purifier From Fruit Waste?

Singapore scientists have demonstrated that fruit peels can be used to purify water, an innovation that can be employed in remote areas and disaster zones where electricity access is limited.
Scientists holding a pH meter in a food sample suspended in water, with a dish of the dry food sample next to it.

pH Testing and the pH Meter for Food Analysis

In this article, we will consider how pH can be measured, what it tells us and its role in the food industry.
A vibrant, colorful image reflecting Mexico's ancient textiles.

Leveling the Field in Ancient DNA Research

Some stories of history are written in ink, and others are written in nucleotide bases. Ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis – the study of DNA from archaeological or paleontological specimens – is perhaps the closest scientists will ever come to a time machine – a window into the past. In this feature article, we explore how inclusion and representation are critical considerations when we look through that window.
Lady holding up a lateral flow test displaying a control line but no test line.

An Introduction to the Lateral Flow Test: Strengths, Limitations and Applications

Diagnostic testing is key in many areas including healthcare and preventative medicine, food safety and environmental monitoring. In this article, we will consider what lateral flow tests (LFTs) are, how they work and their applications.
Cubes of Turkish delight dusted in powdered sugar.

NMR Relaxometry Reveals Turkish Delight’s Sticky Fingerprints

Scientists have shown the value of time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) relaxometry in evaluating the physical properties of Turkish delight made with syrups and sweeteners as alternatives to sugar.
A yellow and white pill on a blue background splitting in half, spilling its contents of fruit and vegetables.

How Foods Impact Our Health: What Do We Know?

What has recent research revealed about the implications of food consumption on our health?
Man in a vineyard squeezing some grape juice onto a refractometer.

The Refractometer, How It Works and Role in the Food Industry

In this article, we discuss what a refractometer is and how it works, the different types available and their applications in the food industry.
A hand holds a glass containing ice and amber-colored liquid.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain and the Body?

Alcohol has complex, unseen and far-reaching effects at the molecular and cellular level, including altering our gut microbiome, accelerating the aging process and even changing the synapses in the brain.
An image depicting monosodium glutamate.

MSG: The Misunderstood Sodium Substitute

MSG was given a rather unsavory reputation in the 1960s. But did MSG ever deserve its distasteful status, or is it simply just a misunderstood constituent of South Asian cuisine?