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Latest Articles

A speaker is presenting to a crowd at a conference

How To Identify Predatory Conferences With Susan Veldsman

Predatory conferences mimic legitimate academic events but lack essential academic standards. Susan Veldsman, Director of the Scholarly Publication Unit at ASSAf, scrutinizes these deceptive practices in Technology Networks’ Ask Me Anything session.
A teacher standing in front of a class of children, some who have their hands up to answer a question.

IMiLi Aims To Address Microbial Education for All

Our education system fails to furnish young people who will go on to be decision-makers, at home and in the workplace, with an adequate grasp of microbiology. The International Microbiology Literacy Initiative (IMiLI) is hoping to address this.
A mug of tea.

From PFAS to Microplastics, What Might Be Leaking Out of Your Teabag?

Depending on the brand, your favorite cup of tea could be contaminated with billions of microplastics and/or traces of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
Electric vehicle plugged in to charge.

Charging Forward: How Calorimetry Drives EV Battery Innovation

This article discusses how developers are using calorimetry to inform decision-making surrounding battery design and manufacture, and explores how increasing battery size needs to be supported with larger and more comprehensive testing equipment.
Human hands holding hydrogen fuel cell icons.

The Fuel Cell Industry Faces a “Chicken and Egg” Dilemma

To overcome barriers to the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cells should there be a focus on infrastructure or further technological development?
A river shaped like cutlery in a forest.

Discover Emerging Alternate Foods With Andy Shovel

Technology Networks invited Andy Shovel, CEO and co-founder of THISTM, a company that develops plant-based alternatives to meat, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the latest advances in alternate foods.
A mug and sweetener.

Artificial Sweeteners: The Good and the Bad

Are these fabricated flavorings really any better for us than sugar? Well, they have their good and bad qualities, according to the latest research.
Brown bottle of beer and a pint of beer on a wooden table.

Smarter Machines Equal Sustainable Beer: How IoT Can Help Brewers Deliver the Perfect Pint

Explore how utilizing technology such as the IoT within the filtration process, brewers can recognize efficiency and quality gains, meet sustainability goals and ultimately deliver that perfect pint to the customer.
A gold-colored capsule on a yellow background.

Vitamin D – What's the Latest Research?

What's the latest research surrounding how vitamin D affects our health? This article dives into how vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased cancer mortality and more.
Honey dripping from dipper stick.

Why Are Bees Making Less Honey? We Asked a Researcher

Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Gabriela Quinlan, a research fellow in Penn State’s department of entomology and center for pollinator research, to find out why US bees are becoming less productive.