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Latest Articles

Simplified illustration of an aquaponics system versus a hydroponics system.

Aquaponics vs Hydroponics

This article highlights the key differences between hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems, their current applications and future perspectives on their role in sustainable farming.
Illustration of gloved hands using scissors and tweezers to alter a DNA double helix.

Genetic Modification Techniques and Applications

Manipulating genetics has helped mankind in numerous ways. In this article, we consider genetic modification strategies, including genome editing and genetic engineering, the techniques used to achieve them and purposes to which they are applied.
Petrochemical plant

Why Do We Need Effective Testing Methods in the Petrochemical Industry?

Petrochemicals are ubiquitous in modern-day society. In this article, we explore the need for chemical analysis in the petrochemicals sector and the use of techniques such as gas chromatography and trace element analysis to achieve this.
An illustration depicting synthetic biology.

Synthetic Biology: Nature's Tools, Redesigned

Kerry Taylor-Smith explores the latest advances in synthetic biology, from the development of new agricultural biotechnology tools to therapeutics and diagnostics.
Traditional British Christmas dinner

What Is the Carbon Footprint of Your Christmas Dinner?

Wondering how much CO2 your sprouts cost? Sarah Bridle, a professor of Food, Climate and Society at the University of York, breaks down the environmental impact of every element of a Christmas dinner.
Molecular structure on a blue background

Identifying and Characterizing PFAS Compounds

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) do not readily break down in nature and so can become persistent pollutants. This article will explore the challenges of detecting PFAS compounds and how recent advancements in testing techniques are addressing these issues.
Two men stand in a field of crops

The Landscape of Agricultural Biotechnology

This article will explore the differences between genetically-modified and gene-edited organisms in food and agriculture, including the methods by which they are produced.
A lit up image of a battery, in space, with the earth in the background

Discovering the Future of Batteries in Space and Aeronautics With Brianne DeMattia

Technology Networks invited Brianne DeMattia, research electrical engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the future of battery research.
Illustration of snow and ice surrounding large ships with a workman and snow plow clearing the ground.

What Causes Ice to Stick or Slip?

Winter's icy grip leads to dangerously slippery roads and flight delays as freezing conditions necessitate thorough de-icing. But what causes ice to stick or slip on surfaces? Scientists have taken the cold plunge to unravel the mysteries of ice.
A stack of magazines and journals.

Discover How To Publish in High-Ranking Journals With Barbara Cheifet

Technology Networks invited chief editor at Nature Biotechnology, Barbara Cheifet, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer questions about the biggest challenges in scientific publishing and how to get work published in high-ranking journals.