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A title reading "An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics"

An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian statistics has emerged as a powerful methodology for making decisions from data in the applied sciences. Bayesian brings a new way of thinking to statistics, in how it deals with probability, uncertainty and drawing inferences from an analysis.
Strands of light pass around the positive ends of batteries.

Explore the World of Battery Research With Kieran O'Regan

Kieran O'Regan, COO and co-founder of About:Energy, works to bridge the gap between universities and industry and accelerate the development of new battery technologies. Technology Networks invited Kieran O'Regan to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about this incredible technology.
Futuristic battery.

Achieving Coating Uniformity in Battery Electrode Production

In-line metrology systems can help to ensure the consistency and quality of battery electrodes, and this article discusses how this technology can contribute to the manufacture of quality lithium-ion batteries.
A person holding a plant.

The Environmental Impact of Biotech and Pharma Operations

Though the progress of the biotech and pharma industries is nothing short of commendable, there's a high cost associated with it – its environmental impact.
A person adding a blood sample to a testing strip on a glucose monitor.

Using Exercise to Inform Insulin Delivery in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

Current automated insulin delivery systems for Type 1 diabetics struggle to regulate blood glucose effectively during exercise, but integrating data from wearable fitness sensors and AI could change that, a recent study suggests.
Gourmet beef burger on a white plate.

Lab Automation Holds the Key to the Development of the Food of the Future

Geoff Dance highlights how automation can help us explore the unknown in the cell-cultured meat industry.
A close up of mature kale plants.

A Green Approach To Upcycle Vegetable Waste

Scientists have devised an environmentally friendly method that turns vegetable waste into health and personal care products, giving vegetable waste a new lease of life in a sustainable and cost effective manner.
A trace of Sanger sequencing data generated using capillary electrophoresis with a pen paying on the top.

An Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis: Theory, Practice and Applications

Capillary electrophoresis is a powerful separation and analysis technique that offers quick and efficient results. In this article, we explore how it works, variations on the technique and their applications.
An array of meat, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

New Analysis Tools for Detecting Food Fraud

This article will discuss current issues in food authenticity, the potential safety implications and the techniques proving pivotal in detecting and preventing fraudulent products from reaching consumers.
A battery being assembled by two robotic arms.

The Importance of Battery Materials Analysis

Batteries must be carefully scrutinized to ensure that they are safe for use. This article will discuss the role that battery materials analysis plays in maintaining the safety and quality of existing batteries and in the development of new and improved types.