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Science and Innovation Celebrated at ELA with the Life Science Awards

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The awards were a prelude to the first European Lab Automation (ELA) conference and exhibition, Europe’s first and largest event dedicated to Life Science automation.  

The finalists were nominated by their peers for awards in one of seven scientific and commercial categories. Entrees were judged by leading figures from industry and academia, many of whom were keynote speakers in one of the ten conference streams at the ELA event. The seven categories and winners were as follows:

•   Most Innovative New Product - Pacific Bio, PacBio RS
•   Business Leader of the Year - Dr Janet Wolfe, CEO, Wolfe Laboratories
•   Most Effective Marketing Campaign - Molecular Devices, Online IonWorks Barracuda Product Launch
•   Most Innovative New Service – Cellectis Bioresearch, Transcription Activator-Like Effective Nucleases (TALENS)
•   Best New Company - Redd & Whyte Ltd
•   Research Group of the Year - Phyton Biotech, Ahrensburg, Germany
•   Investigator of the Year - Professor Naomi Chayen, Imperial College London, UK