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Latest Industry Insights

Female scientist standing in front of a library of microalgae cultures within Provectus Algae's biofoundry.
Industry Insight

Time To Shine: Photosynthetic Biotech Is Ripe for the Picking

Renewed efforts to tap cyanobacteria, algae and plants in arenas typically dominated by heterotrophic systems are already beginning to yield fruit. In this article, we explore the inherent value of photosynthetic biotechnologies and their challenges.
Two sharks swimming in the sea.
Industry Insight

Shark-Sourced Vaccine Ingredient May Be on Its Way Out

Shark-derived squalene is a common adjuvant product found in several approved vaccines. As calls for a sustainable source of squalene increase, researchers are exploring how yeast can be used to produce squalene analogues.
Tower Bridge, London.
Industry Insight

The UK Is Facing a Science and Tech Exodus

In this opinion piece, Liz Sparrow discusses the real risk of the UK losing its science and technology communities as they face a series of challenges that are threatening their growth.
Scientist manipulating a meat sample with tweezers in a Petri dish.
Industry Insight

An Authentic Approach to Food Safety

Dr. Mary McBride and Professor Chris Elliott, world-renowned for his work in food safety and authenticity, discuss his career to date, his passion for food safety, the projects his team are working on and the future.
An LC-MS bottle.
Industry Insight

New Levels of Sensitivity in LC-MS

The development of the 7500 LC-MS system from SCIEX is bringing new levels of analytical sensitivity to researchers. To find out more about the system and the applications that could benefit, we spoke to Jack Steed, a technical specialist from SCIEX.
Human hand holding a green Earth surrounded by trees.
Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential content piece image
Industry Insight

Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential

This article discusses the importance of data lineage and traceability for academic labs looking to maximize their publishing potential.
A collection of yam crops on a wooden table.
Industry Insight

Agricultural Grant To Help Breed More Resilient Yams in West Africa

Technology Networks sat down with 2022 Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant winner Dr. Ranjana Bhattacharjee to learn more about her plans to use genomic analysis to improve the productivity and sustainability of yam crops.
Meet the Scientists Bringing Back the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger content piece image
Industry Insight

Meet the Scientists Bringing Back the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

The biotech/genetic engineering company Colossal – co-founded in 2021 by renowned geneticist Professor George Church and serial entrepreneur Ben Lamm – announced it has begun a de-extinction project of the thylacine – an Australian marsupial commonly referred to as the “Tasmanian tiger”. Technology Networks interviewed the team to learn more.
Novel Biosensor Aims To Help Fight Against Forever Chemicals content piece image
Industry Insight

Novel Biosensor Aims To Help Fight Against Forever Chemicals

There is widespread concern about the characteristics of PFAS and its impacts on human health. Can a protein biosensor help in this fight?