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New Device for Circulating Tumor Cells Separation

New Device for Circulating Tumor Cells Separation content piece image
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A new device for tumor cell separation from whole blood is developed by research team from the University of British Columbia. The tech employs the different deformability of cells with identical sizes, and then achieves the aim of dividing them.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are the cells that escape from the tumor tissues and enter into blood with the tendency to grow in other healthy tissues and reproduce. The analysis on CTCs can be very significant in the prescription of therapy. The previous isolation and analysis of circulating tumor cells relies on labeling, which is at risk to influence the purity and performance of the cells, resulting in huge differentiation on the analysis. That is the drive for a better approach.

The device is composed of a tiny funnel where the tapered micrometer scale constrictions are installed and reverse flow prevention unit is included to ensue the stream flow in single direction. Tests on the efficiency of the device showed a good performance on this task. It’s firstly applied to separate blood samples with a known number of cancer cells, and more than 90% of the tumor cells were successfully isolated from the blood.

Then the blood samples of 25 cancer patients were filtered with the new device. And it was about 25 times of the traditional ways in the number of captured tumor cells. Besides the method is of great meaning for the developing judgment of cancers that are hard to get a biopsy for later analysis, like prostate cancer as the metastasis usually happens to bone.

This new way for escaped tumor cells capturing may also provide a better treatment to control the tumor metastasis as it can isolate the free tumor cells in blood. It may be possible for a much smaller version of the device that can be installed in blood vessels and finish the whole process with bodies in near future.

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