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Latest News

Artist's rendition of the ancient crocodile swimming in the sea, with cuttlefish-type creatures in the foreground.

Never Before Seen Ancient Marine Crocodile Discovered on UK's Jurassic Coast

A new thalattosuchian has been uncovered – an ancient "sister" of modern-day crocodiles’ ancestors – following an impressive unearthing of fossils on the Jurassic Coast, in Dorset, UK.

Green Hydrogen Made by Splitting Seawater

Researchers have successfully split seawater without pre-treatment to produce green hydrogen.
A cappuccino on a table in front of someone making notes on a notepad.

Coffee With Milk May Confer Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Can something as simple as a cup of coffee with milk have an anti-inflammatory effect in humans? Apparently so, according to a new study. A combination of proteins and antioxidants doubles the anti-inflammatory properties in immune cells.
An image of a bunch of bananas.

How the Body Regulates Potassium

Having levels of potassium that are too high or too low can be fatal. A new mathematical model sheds light on the often mysterious ways the body regulates this important electrolyte.
Two people in a protective tent drilling and ice core.

"Anti-Greenhouse Gas" Monitored in Arctic Air

Data stored in ice cores dating back 55 years bring new insight into atmospheric levels of a molecule that can significantly affect weather and climate.
Three people sitting in front of an old painting. More people stand off to each side.

Unusual Lead Compound Found in a Rembrandt Painting

An unusual lead compound found in Rembrandt's famous painting The Night Watch could provide clues as to how he painted, and also the reactivity of lead driers in the oil matrices of historical paintings.
Face on image of a UV light source.

Air Quality May Be impaired by UV Disinfection Lamp Use

Measurements indicate that whenever UV lamps used for disinfection were switched on, both gas and small particle concentrations increased considerably, not returning to their original levels until 30 to 40 minutes after the lamps were switched off.
Microscopy images of fabric fibers with and without the novel coating, showing more breakages and fraying without it.

Novel Coating Could Greatly Reduce Microplastic Pollution From Washing Clothes

Scientists have designed a solution to reduce the amount of microplastic fibers that are shed when clothes made of synthetic fabrics are washed.
A volcanic landscape.

Details of Earth's Biggest Extinction Event Revealed by Mercury

Definitive evidence of the cause of the Earth's largest extinction event has eluded experts, but new information from mercury released by volcanic eruptions brings new insights.
Overhead shot of a bowl of yogurt with rolled oats and strawberries with a spoon sticking out and strawberries on a plate.

Effects of Dietary Nutrients on Disease Mapped

A tool has been created to predict the effects of different diets on both cancerous cells and healthy cells, disentangling the subtle metabolic changes associated with different types of nutrients and the link between diet and disease.