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A coral reef.

Using Genetics To Design Super Corals

Scientists identify disease-resistant staghorn coral genotypes in the Caribbean, providing hope for reef restoration amid threats like white band disease.
Batteries stood up on end.

Scientists Reveal the Root Cause of Rechargeable Battery Breakdown

For decades, researchers have assumed that the inevitable filmy buildup on electrodes inside rechargeable batteries is the driver of performance loss. Now, we know that view is backward.
A picture taken from within the of the mouth of a cave, looking out to sea.

Microplastics Found in Cave Closed to Visitors for 30 Years

Researchers in Missouri have found high concentrations of microplastic in Cliff Cave, a cave system in Saint Louis County that has been closed off to visitors for the past 30 years. The extent of the microplastic contamination is detailed in two new research papers, published in Science of the Total Environment and Water Research.
Tundra near the Ny-Ålesund village in the summer of 2019.

Crucial Role of Biological Particles in the Formation of Ice Within the Arctic Cloud

A team of scientists have presented research findings that reveal a crucial role of biological particles, including pollen, spores, and bacteria, in the formation of ice within Arctic clouds.
LED battery outline.

Recycled Batteries Hold Valuable Metals

Demand for valuable metals needed in batteries is poised to grow over the coming decades in step with the growth of clean energy technologies, and the best place to source them may be by recycling spent batteries.
A close-up photo of a crystal glass, backlit with pink and blue light.

Strength Is in This Glass’s DNA

Coating DNA with a pure form of glass has resulted in a new material that is four times stronger than steel but incredibly lightweight. Further research could lead to new engineering or defense applications.
A water drop hits the water's surface.

Desalination System Could Produce Freshwater Cheaper Than Tap Water

A novel ocean-inspired, solar-powered device could produce drinkable water from saltwater more quickly and cheaply than producing tap water.
Graphene molecules in a sheet.

Researchers Dynamically Tune Friction in Graphene

Friction plays a key role in both natural and engineered systems, dictating the behavior of sliding contacts. The friction on a graphene surface can be dynamically tuned using external electric fields, according to researchers.
Clouds in the sky.

How Do Microplastics in Cloud Water Impact Climate Change?

Plastic waste that accumulates on land eventually ends up in the ocean as microplastics. However, it is now speculated that microplastics are also present in the atmosphere, contained in clouds.
Two people clinking bottles of beer against a sunset backdrop.

High Temperatures Linked to Increase in Drug and Alcohol-Related Hospital Visits

Rising hospital visits for alcohol- and substance-related disorders are being driven by warm weather, a new study has found. The researchers warn that this relationship could also be further affected by climate change.