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AbTech Industries Announces Next Stage of Testing for Nuclear Wastewater Treatment

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AbTech Holdings, Inc. has announced expanded testing of it's Smart Sponge® technology in order to help address nuclear facility wastewater cleanup including hydrocarbon removal in process water, hydrocarbon removal in decommissioning wastewater and PCB filtration at nuclear facilities.

AbTech's efforts in this area have been underway since May of 2010 as a development program to create solutions for nuclear power facilities as part of a facility treatment train. Given the results of positive bench scale testing, AbTech is now expanding to field testing as a part of a treatment process within a nuclear facility.

Smart Sponge® Technology has shown to be effective at the removal of specific polymers and hydrocarbons in general throughout ongoing nuclear wastewater tests. All radioactive compounds associated with the polymers or hydrocarbons present in the wastewater were also shown to be removed as well.

AbTech Founder and CEO, Glenn R. Rink, states, "With nearly a year of laboratory tests behind us, our positive results have provided significant impetus to move rapidly into field testing under considerably more rigorous conditions. We are encouraged by the results so far, as the data extends the proven efficacy of Smart Sponge® as water treatment products that can offer the versatility to potentially help protect lives under emergency circumstances we truly hope never to be called upon to remediate."