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Agena, CapitalBio Partner

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The tests will be made available as certified services through CapitalBio.

“CapitalBio has established a strong presence in agriculture through strategic partnerships and government project collaborations,” said Pete Dansky, CEO. “We are enthusiastic to be selected by an established leader, to support our endeavors in production-level agricultural screening in China.”

Under the partnership, CapitalBio will commercialize a portfolio of cost-effective genetic screening tests for the livestock, horticulture, and aquaculture sectors. Agena Bioscience will authorize CapitalBio as an agriculture Certified Service Provider to reach other regional markets in addition to China.

“We foresee significant expansion and need for high-throughput, cost-effective testing to support food production,” said CapitalBio CEO, Jun Quan Xu. “The MassARRAY System is a proven, robust platform that will serve as a powerful workhorse to support our current and future testing needs from crops and seeds to fisheries and farms.”

“We are proud to partner with CapitalBio, and look forward to collaborating with a premier biotech company in agricultural testing in China,” Dansky commented.

The MassARRAY System enables high-throughput, multiplexed testing of 10s to 100s of actionable genetic variants against 100s to 1000s of samples. The platform has been implemented by leading testing centers in other agricultural areas including bovine, sheep, and canine analysis. CapitalBio will expand the utility of the MassARRAY System into genetics-based plant production and beyond.