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Algae.Tec Congratulates Strategic Partner The Manildra Group on International Biofuels Certification

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The RSB has developed a Global Sustainability Standard and Certification System for biofuel production. The RSB Certification System is approved by the European Commission, as proof of compliance with the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC).

The RSB Global Sustainability Standard represents a global consensus of over 120 organizations including farmers, fuel refiners, regulators and NGOs, and is intended to ensure the sustainability of biofuels production practices while streamlining compliance for industry.
The RSB has announced that Manildra Group of Australia has been awarded the first completed commercial certification.

Algae.Tec is currently deploying an algae to biofuels production facility at the Manildra Group complex in Shoalhaven south of Sydney, Australia.
Algae.Tec Executive Chairman Roger Stroud congratulates the Manildra Group saying: “Biofuels are the future transport fuels, and having internationally agreed sustainability certification is yet another sign of a maturing industry,” said Stroud.