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Canopus BioPharma Announces Positive Results in Human Study of Peptide Cancer Vaccine

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Canopus BioPharma, Inc. announced that it has successfully completed the second phase of its cancer vaccine development.

The specialized laboratory study was analyzed at the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. The study used the blood of healthy human volunteers, vaccinated with Canopus Biopharma’s cancer vaccine peptides, which then demonstrated anti-cancer properties against a panel of 12 human cancer cell lines in tissue culture.

The successful human testing confirms that Canopus BioPharma’s proprietary, patented use of these cancer-targeted peptide antigens is effective as a vaccine against human cancer cells. When used as a vaccine in healthy volunteers, the peptide antigens generate antibodies that are non-toxic to normal cells, but significantly effective in destroying human cancer cells in-vitro.

In effect, the peptide antigens work by stimulating a person’s own immune system, to protect the individual from developing certain forms of cancer.