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Deerac Awarded European Commission Contract

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Deerac Fluidics announces that the European Commission has awarded Deerac Fluidics under the FP6 Marie Curie Host Fellowships for Transfer of Knowledge program a contract to develop additional low volume liquid handling technology.

This contract is awarded to implement a project called Development of Instantaneous Low Volume Drop Measurement Device. The contract is for 48 months duration and provides an award of €604,135 to Deerac Fluidics.

According to Dr. Jurgen Osing, Managing Director of Deerac Fluidics, "This award by the EC recognizes the expertise in low volume liquid handling that Deerac has developed. It is a natural continuation of our spot-on™ non-contact liquid handling technology and is further strengthening our leading global position in this area."

Deerac Fluidics is a private company providing reliable, robust and user-friendly low-volume liquid handling solutions for the life science and pharmaceutical markets. Based on the patented spot-on™ technology, the Equator™ and Latitude™ liquid handling systems provide high speed, low microliter and sub-microliter liquid handling for genomics, proteomics, and high-throughput screening applications.  In addition, because of the simple valve design, it can be used with cells and beads with lifetime in excess of hundreds of thousands of dispenses.