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Environmental Methods High Performance GC-TOFMS E-Seminar

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On Thursday, March 16, LECO Corporation will host a complimentary e-seminar for the mass spectrometry community at 12:00 pm EST. This e-seminar will be presented by LECO applications chemist Jonathan Byer, PhD, and is titled, “”Exceed the Requirements of Standard Environmental Methods: Perform Target and Non-Target Analysis in a Single Run Using a High Performance GC-TOFMS”.

The e-seminar will evaluate the 
advantages of full scan data at near SIM detection limits for standard environmental methods and will demonstrate how high performance GC-TOFMS can be used to exceed the specifications of these method requirements. Unique attributes such as spectral deconvolution, target and non-target analysis in a single sample injection, and better-than-nominal mass accuracy will be highlighted. In particular, limits of detection were determined for semi-volatile organic compounds by EPA Method 8270, in drinking water by EPA Method 525.5, and in food commodities for pesticide residue analysis. 

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