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Haydale Report on Period Ending 31 December 2014

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Haydale Ltd. has announced its unaudited results for the six months ending 31 December 2014.

Haydale’s HDPlas® plasma technology provides a rapid and highly cost-efficient method of supplying tailored solutions for both raw material suppliers and product manufacturers.

During the period the company significantly increased total income, acquired EPL Composite Solutions Ltd who design, develop, and commercialize advanced composite polymer materials and continued investment in production capacity.

Commenting on the results Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale, said: “Haydale continues to carry out the strategic aims as set out in our 2014 annual report as we begin to exploit the commercial and technical momentum started in the second half of the previous financial year. The period under review has been dominated by a number of significant events; most importantly the acquisition of EPL in early November 2014 which provides the Group with direct access to the early adopting, substantial and innovative composite market, already worth in excess of £10 billion per annum globally.

The commercial agreements reached with agents in both the USA and Far East have already started to show excellent progress following sustained product sampling in the period.

To ensure we can satisfy predicted demand, we have procured a suite of new second generation plasma reactors that have been commissioned and are producing outstanding results.

The build quality, engineering and subsequent performance from these second-generation reactors are significant improvements on our original units. The remainder of the year will see our efforts focused on generating commercial revenues and the commissioning of our latest large scale HD200 reactor."