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LABVANTAGE Partners with Major Food Manufacturers

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LABVANTAGE established key presence within the global food and beverage sector by building business relationships with renowned organizations. Leading manufacturers like Britvic PLC, which manages over twenty thousand samples daily, recognize LABVANTAGE as the top choice in LIMS for their food quality and safety operations, supporting key operations such as microbiology, chemistry, and sensory (stability) testing. In the business of food safety, they agree on one critical goal: bacterial outbreak prevention.

“The loss in Europe proves to the world that reconciling after-the-fact is costly… hundreds of billions of euros costly,” a food quality manager cautions, referring to the recent E. Coli O104 outbreak earlier this year. He continues, “The world cannot protect itself from an outbreak without taking effective preventative measures, which can not be sustained without a comprehensive food quality system. This is impossible in the absence of an adequate LIMS solution, which costs a fraction that of the damage an outbreak could total… while taking zero lives.”

“In short, we are a global team, working individually but cohesively towards that one principal goal, keeping our foods safe to consume,” explains Jeff Ferguson, CEO of LABVANTAGE. “No single company can accomplish this alone. By enabling manufacturers to optimize quality control, LABVANTAGE proudly becomes a fundamental part of the solution.”

To this effect, many new and existing LABVANTAGE customers ensure their LIMS run with the most updated technology, which includes end-to-end traceability, the essential out-of-the-box capability that can pinpoint the origin of contamination and their sources. In addition, they embark on new technologies such as LABVANTAGE Connect’s advanced instrument integration solution to automate and ensure accurate data entry.

In late September 2011, a food and beverage manufacturing giant selected LABVANTAGE to interface over 30 instruments to its main frame, Oracle financials, and sensory system through LABVANTAGE Connect. It will also be able to easily share information across its enterprise with comprehensive reporting, analytics-driven decision support, and ad hoc query analysis, powerful tools that American Crystal Sugar and Foremost Farms have regularly used at all five sites and twenty-five laboratories, respectively. After two years of research and evaluation for a LIMS, the company prefers LABVANTAGE’s flexibility, configurability, ease of upgrade, and robust and extensive out-of-the-box capabilities in maintaining food safety throughout its family of products.