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Seasalt Cornwall Recalls Two Varieties of Chocolate Bars

Seasalt Cornwall Recalls Two Varieties of Chocolate Bars content piece image
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Seasalt Cornwall is recalling two of its products because they contain undeclared allergens which are not on the label. Both their Eton Mess White Chocolate and Lemon Meringue Chocolate bars have been affected, but no other Seasalt Cornwall products are known to be affected.

The products were found to contain egg, which means these products are a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to egg. An allergy to eggs is more common in children than adults, and can be triggered by multiple proteins found in both the egg white and egg yolk.

The FDA advises if you have bought the above product and have an allergy or intolerance to egg do not eat it. The products can be returned to the store from where it was bought for a full refund. The company has recalled the products from customers and has been advised to contact the relevant allergy support organisations, which will tell their members about the recall.