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A New Tool for the Automated Sample Preparation of Whole Blood Samples by LC-MS using a Commercial Autosampler

- The new LCMS-P 80 Tool is capable of pipetting whole blood with normal hematocrit levels (30-50%) directly from primary tubes with good accuracy and precision, applying one average correction factor. For high hematocrit levels a different correction factor should be applied.

- Wash procedures were established to minimize carryover of analytes. A procedure to minimize the deposition of blood on system surfaces proofed successful.

- The system consisting of a commercial PAL RTC autosampler, connected to an Agilent LC-MS system can perform the complete sample prep and LC-MS analysis for whole blood samples from primary tube. The performance of the system was tested with several typical compounds in therapeutically relevant concentrations.

- Future work is aimed at evaluating the capability of the sensor to reliably detect certain error conditions.