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High Throughput Screening in the European Lead Factory

High Throughput Screening in the European Lead Factory content piece image
The European Lead Factory is a pan-European platform for drug discovery, supported by IMI, which was set to give a major boost to drug research in Europe. Comprising a collection of half a million compounds and a screening centre, the European Lead Factory will offer both researchers in academia and SMEs an unprecedented opportunity to advance medical research and develop new medicines.
High Throughput Screening for the European Lead Factory is performed at the Pivot Park Screening Centre in Oss, The Netherlands. In the first year of the European Lead Factory state-of-the-art systems have been made operational and efficient procedures have been implemented. The success of the European Lead Factory is witnessed by the completion of more than 10 screening campaigns in the first year and by the handing over of qualified hit lists to the target owners.
This paper describes workflows that have been implemented at the screening centre of the European Lead Factory and presents screening statistics on the first 18 months of operation. The workflows include intake of assays from public parties, miniaturization to 1536 format, screening and cherry picking using acoustic dispensing. Currently already more than 25 high quality programmes have been selected covering a wide range of disease areas. The first data of this open innovation infrastructure will be presented underlining the importance of closing the gap between early target discovery research (academia/SME) and clinical phase’s development (Big Pharma).