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Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Food Matrices Using Ultivo Triple Quad LC/MS

Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Food Matrices Using Ultivo Triple Quad LC/MS content piece image
Credit: Agilent Technologies

Pesticides are vital to the success of crop production. Regulatory agencies have set maximum residue levels (MRLs) for hundreds of pesticides and their metabolites in foods. Most MRLs are set at low ppb levels, posing significant challenges to screen and quantify hundreds of analytes in complex food matrices simultaneously. 

In this presentation, we demonstrate the screening and quantitation for 246 pesticides and metabolites using Ultivo Triple Quad LC/MS. 

Ultivo is designed to address many challenges faced by routine production labs , especially in the environmental and food safety arenas. Innovative technologies within Ultivo allowed us to reduce its overall footprint, while conversing the comparable performance level of much larger MS systems. 

Innovations, such as VacShield, Cyclone Ion Guide, Vortex Collision Cell and the Hyperbolic Quads, not only maximize quantitative performance in a small package, but also enhance instrument reliability and robustness, which promote greater uptime. 

Moreover, Ultivo reduces the need for user intervention for system maintenance, making the system operation and maintenance manageable for non-expert MS users. MassHunter Software simplifies data acquisition, method set up, data analysis and reporting, which results in the fastest possible acquisition-to-reporting time, increasing lab productivity.