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$1 Million Nano Research Grant Fund for Researchers Setting up Nanoscience Labs in North America

$1 Million Nano Research Grant Fund for Researchers Setting up Nanoscience Labs in North America content piece image
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Park Systems, manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes, has announced a $1 million Nano Research Grant Fund to support researchers who are starting new nanoscience labs in North America. The Park Systems Nano Research Grant Fund provides up to twenty grants of $50,000 towards the purchase of any AFM system and accessories manufactured by Park Systems.

“Park 50K Nano Research Grants align with our mission, 'to enable nanoscale advances',” comments Keibock Lee, President of Park Systems. “We recognize that professors and scientists setting up their labs require the best scientific instruments, as they pursue new technology to improve our world. This is our way to help them achieve that goal.”

Park Systems started the Park 50K Nano Research Grant program to support researchers pushing the envelopes of nanoscale research and engineering with AFM equipment for their up and coming research as they pursue impactful science for the betterment of society.

“In every field – materials science, electronics, life science and nanotechnology – we keep up with the exhilarating pace of nanoscale microscopy and metrology innovations so scientists and engineers can focus on getting results,” adds Lee.

Park Systems $1 Million Dollar Grant Fund offers new researchers setting up their labs easier access to the most advanced nanoscale technologies including atomic force microscopy, scanning ion conductance microscopy, and scanning electro-chemical microscopy tools, for applications ranging from materials science to in-vivo life science, electrical and electro-chemical research.

To complement its AFM equipment, Park Systems has a full line of options including acoustic enclosures, temperature control & environmental control, liquid cells, probe hands and other accessories such as a signal access module, electrical modules, external high voltage kits and magnetic field generators.

To qualify for a Park 50K Nano Research Grant, you must be a university researcher or a professor of a national research university or a researcher at a national laboratory in North America starting a new nanoscience lab.

To find out if you are eligible for the Park Nano Grant, click the link below There are a limited number of grants, so apply early to ensure your opportunity to receive this assistance.