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Air Quality Monitoring Made Simple

Air Quality Monitoring Made Simple content piece image
Credit: South Coast Science
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The Praxis/OPCube launched in January 2021 and suits customers looking for monitoring of ONLY airborne particles (PM1, PM2.5 & PM10) and NO2, where raw as well as corrected sensor data is available to customers for validation purposes.

The upcoming UK Environment Bill is set to adopt the World Health Organisation target for PM2.5 as a legal limit in the UK and the Praxis/OPCube is an ideal, low-cost monitoring instrument to aid with compliance. It is well suited for air quality screening applications during episodes of temporary construction, on fence lines or longer-term deployment in urban environments.

As with its big brother, the Praxis/Urban, high-quality Alphasense sensors provide proven sensing technology. It can also be deployed in a high-density monitoring network using the same data infrastructure and sampling rates as the Praxis/Urban so that in terms of accuracy and reliability, the two devices operate in the same league. 

Minimise maintenance and maximise return on investment

The Praxis/OPCube has a single gas sensor combined with a particulate monitor, which is sufficient for most environmental health contexts. The obvious benefit for the construction industry or other urban monitoring applications is that customers do not pay for redundant functionality or infrastructure.

As with the Praxis/Urban, the units are designed to update remotely, meaning the device firmware stays current throughout its lifetime and therefore ongoing maintenance costs are minimal.

Product specification:

Robust - designed for long-term outdoor deployments

Compact: 154x154x130mm, 2kg

Local MicroSD card data storage and 4G mobile comms as standard

Equipped with sensor for gas (selectable) + particulates + T + H

Battery back-up in the event of power loss

Same open-source design and data dashboard as Praxis/Urban