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AMSBIO Expands EU Operations

AMSBIO Expands EU Operations content piece image
The new AMSBIO Europe BV office in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.
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Life science specialists, AMSBIO, have made a new strategic investment to enhance the level of support to its sizeable and growing base of customers across the European Union.

On December 30th, 2021, AMSBIO opened a new office in Alkmaar, Netherlands. The new AMSBIO Europe BV office is already providing EU customers rapid, easy access to the company’s extensive range of top-quality products and consumables.

Experienced industry professional, Francesca Pignotta, who heads the new office commented “Europe represents an important market for AMSBIO. We have been planning for some time how to ensure EU researchers can continue to receive next day delivery of products free of customs delays, import tariffs or the need to fill-in extra documentation. Through maintenance of local stock - AMSBIO Europe BV enables EU customers to order and receive our market-leading life science products with unimpeded efficiency and lower costs in the post-Brexit market”

Juan Barrie of FASTBASE Solutions (Derio, Spain) said “I was very pleasantly surprised by the excellent pre-sales online technical service, the quick order processing / shipment and the good-value for money of the products. We surely will continue working with AMSBIO Europe BV in the future.” FASTBASE Solutions is a technology company founded by Spanish and British scientists from the Francis Crick Institute in London, which has developed a technology that allows determining with high precision which patients will respond to cancer treatment with immunotherapy and which will not.