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Analytical Technology Launches Facility for Training in Water and Gas Monitoring

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The customised sessions educate customers on all aspects of chemistry relating to the company’s complete range of water and gas monitoring equipment, while also providing practical hands-on training on working instrumentation.

With the launch of its dedicated training sessions, incorporating leading technologies and industry experts, Analytical Technology has responded to industry demand for increased training to deal with disinfection issues and other emergencies that can occur at water treatment plants. As a leading provider of water and gas monitoring instrumentation to major utility, manufacturing and processing companies in the UK and Europe, Analytical Technology is ideally positioned to offer professional training on the use of key technologies. Analytical Technology experts provide personalised, practical training to small groups of customers aimed at educating them on the use of the latest, most advanced water and gas monitoring technologies. The customised training is ideal for customers looking for very detailed training on the chemistry of disinfection and overall water quality and how Analytical Technology monitors can be applied.

The training facility is fully equipped with Analytical Technology’s breakthrough water monitors for dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, dissolved ozone, pH, conductivity, dissolved ammonia, dissolved sulphide and residual sulphite measurements. The company’s innovative toxic gas leak detectors are also available on site. By providing this specialist training, companies can now benefit from trained employees that are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to overcome problems or emergencies that may occur on site.

In addition to the training offered at the Saddleworth facility, Analytical Technology also offers on-site and free-of-charge product specific customer training, as well as in-house training workshops at its customers’ premises and at councils. The workshops are designed to provide advice on implementing processes and instrumentation to ensure environmental safety and compliance with regulatory requirements, all while minimising costs.

Garry Tabor, Sales Manager Europe at Analytical Technology, comments: “At Analytical Technology, we are committed to offering first class customer service and extensive after sales support to our customers, which has led to the opening of a state-of-the-art training facility. These personalised training sessions are part of our dedicated service and demonstrate our willingness to go ‘the extra mile’ for our customers.”