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ASTM International Honors Metrohm’s Larry W. Tucker with Top Annual Award

ASTM International Honors Metrohm’s Larry W. Tucker with Top Annual Award content piece image
Credit: Nicolas HIPPERT/ Unsplash
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Larry Tucker, Director of Norms and Standards for Metrohm USA, has been presented with ASTM International’s top annual award – the Award of Merit – for his contributions to the petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants committee (D02).

Larry has been an active member of ASTM since 2006, also contributing to the committees on nuclear fuel cycle (C26), coal and coke (D05), aromatic, industrial, specialty, and related chemicals (D16), water (D19), electrical insulating liquids and gases (D27), leather (D31), cannabis (D37), molecular spectroscopy and separation science (E13), homeland security applications (E54), manufacture of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products (E55), declarable substances in materials (F40), and corrosion of metals (G01). His most distinguished work, however, comes in his committee leadership role for D02 where he contributes towards improvements within the fuels and lubricants marketplace for consumers.

“I appreciate the recognition and share the award with all of my colleagues that have been a part of the committees over the years. Working with the ASTM gives me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a diverse group of professionals to support industry and global standards,” says Larry Tucker.

According to the ASTM, the Award of Merit includes the accompanying title of fellow and is the organization’s highest recognition for distinguished service and outstanding participation in ASTM International committee activities.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Larry’s work at ASTM, which has spanned decades and has made an incredible impact on Metrohm, analytical chemistry and the young chemists he’s mentored throughout the years”, says Ed Colihan, President and CEO of Metrohm USA. "I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Larry for this honor”.

Larry holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of West Florida and has been with Metrohm USA for over 30 years.