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Autolomous Releases the CGT Industry’s First Free Electronic Batch Record Builder

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Autolomous, announces the market availability of autoloMATE Launchpad. This free, self-service platform enables teams of any resource level across CGT manufacturing to integrate digital planning into manufacturing for cell and gene therapeutic development. Autolomous has launched autoloMATE Launchpad specifically for those who are transitioning from paper to digital or an existing, rigid, system. The software has been developed to service the industry's demand for a platform that fosters both flexibility and self-sufficiency. 


The cell and gene therapy sector, despite some encouraging cases, remains on the cusp of a digital revolution that could dramatically improve its efficiency and impact. As a result, most therapies in development, reaching commercialization and the market are still using paper forms, rather than digital solutions. This considerably increases the risk to patients across the CGT space of receiving the wrong therapy, or of an error in the manufacturing process. This also contains a high risk to the entire CGT sector, where a mistake in the manufacturing process leading to an adverse outcome for a patient could have extensive ramifications for the entire CGT sector. In turn, digitalization enables scalable, granular data capture. It can also facilitate faster development cycles, improved data capture for better decision-making, and faster release times.

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Choosing a CGT manufacturing digital transformation provider can be arduous and resource-heavy and can be hindered by the high cost and rigid complexity of a number of available solutions in the current marketplace. This can involve cross-functional alignment, sales team interactions, and limited exposure to the product. As a result, there can be many months from the decision to implement a digital solution to viability testing. This is a major reason for the lack of uptake across the industry so far for digital manufacturing. 

“Autolomous has now been involved at the center of the CGT manufacturing sector for over five years. It has helped a significant number of organizations across the CGT sector to digitalize the CGT manufacturing process,” said Alexander Seyf, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Autolomous. “There are still far too many organizations that are still entering and progressing through the clinic with therapies accompanied by files of paper forms. This is why Autolomous has decided to provide autoloMATE Launchpad as a free-of-charge product that will enable the creation of digital batch records, democratize access to digital solutions, unlock a new era of innovation and accelerate the delivery of life-saving therapies to patients worldwide. We are committed to meeting our end-users where they are and are driven to break down the barriers impeding digital planning.”

As a result, Autolomous has made available its autoloMATE Launchpad product to enable CGT manufacturing teams to take the crucial first step towards digital planning. This free-to-use tier provides users with the tools to explore the accessibility of digital manufacturing and experience the future of eBR creation. 

  • Free, self-guided electronic batch record (eBR) builder: This is an intuitive, no-code platform offering a range of formats, field types, and calculations for streamlined eBR and form creation.
  • Team collaboration: This feature enables teams to collaborate on eBR design. 
  • Pre-configured templates: Access to a library of batch templates to edit directly or copy-and-paste sections into the organization’s template. 
  • Test batch execution: This feature enables the potential to test eBRs in a dedicated test mode. This allows experimentation, learning, and refining eBRs.
  • Seamless migration: Launchpad-provided information has the potential to be migrated to Autolomous’ cGMP-compliant tiers when required.