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Bruker Announces Launch of High Performance GC CARE Gas Chromatography Column Product Line

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These new highest quality GC columns offer Bruker's GC and GC-MS customers a wide variety of column chemistries. The Bruker GC CARE columns and consumables are ideally designed for applications in petrochemical, environmental testing, food safety, flavor and fragrance analysis, as well as pharmaceutical applications.

Collin D'Silva, President of Bruker's Chemical & Applied Markets division, commented: "With the introduction of the GC CARE column product line, we have taken a major step towards offering our customers an integrated solution for GC and GC-MS applications. Our GC columns are specifically engineered to deliver critical added value in terms of low bleed, exceptional inertness, and robust thermal stability, all of which are properties essential for high sensitivity applications. Bruker has a rich history in delivering innovative solutions, and the combination of our high quality GC columns under the GC CARE umbrella, with standard and custom GC and GC-MS solutions, allows us to provide customers with a valuable quality advantage."

The extensive choice of Bruker GC CARE columns includes WCOT, PLOT, Inert Steel Capillary, and a complete range of packed columns. Capillary columns are available from 0.25mm to 0.53mm ID. Stationary phase coatings include a wide variety, from the non-polar BR-1 up to highly polar wax phases. For uncompromised chromatographic resolution in fast-GC or GC/MS applications, smaller internal diameter columns are available in multiple dimensions (0.10, 0.15 and 0.18mm).

A specific GC-MS GC columns product range is also available to meet the extreme low bleed requirements for high sensitivity GC/MS applications. For gas analysis GC applications that require high selectivity separations, a range of PLOT columns can be utilized. These GC column solid stationary phases are optimized for applications commonly used for the analysis of permanent gases or other petrochemical products, like the BR-Molsieve 5A and the BR-Alumina range. For environmental analysis, method or compound group specific GC CARE columns allow unambiguous component identification at low detection limits for various groups of organic pesticides, polycyclic hydrocarbons, volatiles or PCBs.

Each Bruker GC CAREcolumn is manufactured and tested using the highest standards to deliver industry leading performance in terms of low bleed, exceptional inertness, and robust thermal stability. This enables our customers to comply with the various industrial and governmental standards (e.g. ASTM, ISO, EPA, AOAC and USP), making Bruker GC Columns a preferred choice in both the routine and regulated laboratory environments.