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Bruker Clean Technology Research and Analysis Solutions Portfolio Drives Sustainable Energy and Battery Research

Bruker Clean Technology Research and Analysis Solutions Portfolio Drives Sustainable Energy and Battery Research content piece image
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A major new installation by Bruker is enabling Dragonfly Energy to accelerate its pioneering battery technology research with a differentiated high performance in-house research facility. Dedicated to lithium and next-generation solid-state battery optimization, the site features a range of high-tech analytical instrumentation to help drive the global conversion to renewable energy.

Dragonfly Energy has invested in the new facility in response to rapid growth in demand for its sustainable battery technology. Its research focuses on developing non-toxic lithium batteries in a solvent-free process and on exploring new innovations within its patented solid-state cell technology, for high grade, renewable energy storage.

Dr. Denis Phares, co-founder and CEO at Dragonfly Energy

Bringing research and development capabilities in house reduces the need to collaborate with external partners or rely on third party technology, especially for the more complex and highly innovative aspects of our business. Now, our lab is fully equipped with best-in-class analytical technology to dramatically speed up our new product innovation. As the world continues to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, enhanced battery technology will play a key role.

Producing renewable energy from sources such as solar power or wind farms is just the start. Finding a way to store that energy effectively and in an optimized, long-life format suitable for electric grid applications is essential. We chose to work with a market leading supplier to benefit from their product quality and experience in creating a fully integrated lab, with a comprehensive service contract that covers the entire installation – enhancing our research and development.

Dr. Mark Munch, President of the Bruker Nano Group

Effective energy storage will continue to play a significant role in driving sustainable initiatives in areas such as electric vehicles and smart phone technology. In the global drive to generate and store new, cleaner sources of energy, we can provide the technology and support to give new and agile businesses the space to innovate.

The order features products from across Bruker’s entire product portfolio, including XRF and XRD spectroscopy (D8 Discover Plus, M4 Tornado, D2 Phaser), FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy (HYPERION II, INVENIO-X, OMEGA 5, ALPHA II and SENTERRA II) and NMR spectroscopy (AVANCE NEO).