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CrestOptics’ DeepSIM Super Resolution Confocal Microscope Module Named as a Top 10 Best Microscopy Innovation of 2022

CrestOptics’ DeepSIM Super Resolution Confocal Microscope Module Named as a Top 10 Best Microscopy Innovation of 2022 content piece image
High-resolution image taken with DeepSIM module
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CrestOptics S.p.A. has been recognised as developing one of the ten best microscopy innovations in the 2022 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards, DeepSIM. Launched in October 2021, DeepSIM is a super resolution module developed to enhance the imaging capabilities of high end microscope systems.


Every year, Microscopy Today, an industry-leading publication run by the Microscopy Society of America, selects ten innovations in microscopy or microanalysis that its panel of expert judges predict will have the most significant impact in the efficiency and innovation of the microscopy community. Those selected are deemed to be able to provide better, faster, easier, or entirely new methods of analysis using a microscope or microanalytical instrument.


Expanding CrestOptics’ established portfolio of flexible, modular high quality imaging products, the DeepSIM module can be used with CrestOptics’ X-light V3 spinning disk, or as a stand-alone system, to provide super-resolution images for life science researchers. The first super-resolution module to be compatible with any existing upright or inverted microscope with a camera port, DeepSIM is easy-to-use as a confocal microscope, enabling scientists to access deep data from their biological samples.


Raino Ceccarelli, Head of Product Development at CrestOptics, commented: “This award is very important recognition for DeepSIM, acknowledging the module as a high quality and respected instrument that researchers can confidently purchase to increase performance of their existing imaging setups. Our customers work within a very specialist field, and we work continuously to expand their imaging and research capabilities by introducing new modules that offer exceptional image quality. The CrestOptics team has worked hard to design and engineer this new module to meet our high standards and stand out above the rest of the market.


“It is an honour for our DeepSIM super-resolution module to be listed as one of the ten best microscopy innovations this year.” said Luca Clario, Business Development Specialist at CrestOptics “Our growing product portfolio is designed to be easily configurable to offer streamlined user experience and high-resolution imaging solutions. We are grateful that this has been acknowledged by Microscopy Today, alongside an impressive list of other innovations working to advance the field.”