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Cytosurge AG Announces Spin-off of its 3D Printing Business Unit

Cytosurge AG Announces Spin-off of its 3D Printing Business Unit content piece image
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The 3D Printing business unit of Cytosurge has been recognized as the technological global market leader for additive manufacturing of microscopically small metal components. We are pleased to announce as of today that all 3D Printing activities of Cytosurge will be transitioned into an autonomous entity. The new company will be able to focus entirely on providing solutions for processes and instruments in the field of additive micro manufacturing of micro metal parts. The new independent entity led by Edgar Hepp will operate under the name Exaddon and will continue to serve existing and future Cytosurge 3D Printing clients.

The establishment of the 3D Printing business unit of Cytosurge was initiated two-and-a-half-years ago via a strategic decision to explore the applicability of Cytosurge’s proprietary FluidFM® technology to the field of additive micro-manufacturing. Originally developed at ETH Zurich 10 years ago, FluidFM has already resulted in several highly innovative solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic research in the field of cell- and bioscience. The highly skilled team of specialists of the former Cytosurge business unit has shown an impressive pace and commitment to bring the FluidFM micro 3D printing technology to commercial readiness. This together with a fantastic market response from academia and industries, such as semiconductor and watchmaking, have laid out the basis for the strategic decision to spin-off the former Cytosurge 3D Printing business unit into an independent company.

“The original decision to develop this revolutionary additive manufacturing technology and to establish a winning team of specialists to develop this new application of FluidFM technology has definitely paid off for us. The consistent positive market response from various industries and leading corporations with respect to the FluidFM micro 3D printing technology confirms that our decision was the right one”, comments Dr. Pascal Behr, CEO of Cytosurge and continues to add: “Given the unique nature of the additive manufacturing business and specific requirements of our key target markets such as the semiconductor industry, we are convinced that an independent company can realize the high growth opportunities in this emerging market much better if it can focus entirely on this key goal. We are very proud to announce today the establishment of Exaddon AG for this purpose and I am convinced that Edgar and his team will thrive.”

Edgar Hepp, CEO of the newly established entity and employee from the first hour adds: “We have developed a ground-breaking manufacturing technology and have brought it to market maturity. It enables our clients to additively manufacture high-end products at an unprecedented level.” Edgar Hepp is looking ahead confidently: “Exaddon AG is now responsible for all Cytosurge AG projects related to additive manufacturing and will continue to manage and develop them.”

What is clear to both CEOs: Because of the technological proximity of the two companies, Exaddon and Cytosurge will continue to collaborate closely and cooperate on selected strategic projects together. At the same time, each entity now has a much clearer strategic focus which is expected to benefit both companies as well as their current and future clients.

With respect to the generation of additional funding to enable further growth or the pursuit of new market opportunities, the spin-off of Exaddon and the creation of two independent entities provides a very clear and safe framework for potential investors.

“We are both very excited to be able to announce this new and exciting milestone in the history of FluidFM today. Establishing Exaddon as an independent solution provider for the world of additive manufacturing marks a truly significant milestone for FluidFM and we are excited to continue the story of this unique technology made in Switzerland.“