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Degassers for Almost Any Fluidic Application

The DEGASi® range of inline degassers.
Credit: Biotech Fluidics.
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The DEGASi® range of inline degassers from Biotech Fluidics employ a Systec® AF gas permeable membrane with a constant vacuum degassing system to enable unmatched removal of dissolved gases from almost any fluidic process.


Dissolved gases can be detrimental to any fluidic system. Common events such as heating, mixing of solvents or negative pressure transitions reduce gas solubility and cause off-gassing which can lead to bubble formation. Removing dissolved gases with a DEGASi® in-line degasser effectively prevents bubble formation improving the accuracy and performance of analytical measurements or industrial processes. Drawing upon over a decade of experience, and thousands of installations, Biotech Fluidics has developed an extensive range of DEGASi® systems optimized for diverse types of fluid and the widest range of flow rates (0.025 – 1000 mL/minute).

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For biological materials that may adhere to metal surfaces – Biotech Fluidics has created a full series of DEGASi® of biocompatible degassers. The bioCOMPACT is a unique biocompatible degassing system with a metal-free PEEK stented biocompatible flow path suitable also for all common organic solvents used in chromatography.


Most traditional degassers struggle to handle industrial processes and Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) applications utilizing organic solvents. Biotech Fluidics offers DEGASi® inline degassers design optimized to tolerate all common organic solvents including alkanes, dichloromethane, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, and even challenging fluids such as hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP).


If you are working with very low flow rates and require minimal hold up volumes – then the DEGASi® PLUS NANO is your number one choice of degasser. For aqueous processes with very high flow rates – Biotech Fluidics has engineered the DEGASi® High Flow 1000 which provides ultra-high degassing efficiency at flow rates up to 1-litre per minute.