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Dionex Introduces New Customer Global Services Initiative “You Are Our Focus”

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Providing cost effective and proactive Customer Care programs including preventive maintenance, system qualification, and results compliance to maximize uptime, is our goal. To help with pro-active maintenance, the Dionex Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System software now offers a unique Wellness feature that predicts and documents Service events.

A complete portfolio of Service products supports the critical aspect of lifecycle assurance including annual maintenance contracts, comprehensive service agreements, and customized Service solutions. Dionex also provides various trade-in programs to make it easy for customers to replace systems reaching the end of the lifecycle.

An expanded program of customer training courses is now available to serve our customers’ needs, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level training is required. Hands-on training courses are held in our training centers in North America, Europe or Asia Pacific. Dionex also offers an onsite or web-based training curriculum for those users with travel constraints.

“We have always strived for continuous improvement around our customers’ Service needs,” said Mike Kinderman, Sr. Director of Global Services at Dionex Corporation. “But more than that, over the past year, Dionex has made a strategic investment within our Service organization to scale up our commitment to our customers. We have introduced a new Global Services organization with a mission to further develop our internal infrastructure to provide our customers a world class service experience.”