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Ganymede Bio and Kytopen Partner To Bring Cloud-Native, Structured Data to Gene-Modified Cell Therapy Instruments

Cloud computing network icons in front of a HPC.
Credit: Wynn Pointaux / Pixabay
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Ganymede Bio, the cloud infrastructure provider purpose-built for the life sciences and manufacturing industries, and Kytopen, a leader in the development and commercialization of non-viral transfection tools for genome engineering, have announced a partnership to bring the power of cloud native, structured data to Kytopen’s Flowfect® platforms. Under this collaboration, the Kytopen transfection systems will integrate Ganymede’s Lab-as-Code™ platform for:


●      The Flowfect Discover™, an automated high-throughput screening device

●      The Flowfect Tx™, a manufacturing-scale gene delivery device


Ganymede’s Lab-as-Code platform is an instrument integration and scientific data management solution built specifically for the complexity of biotech and pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing. The company’s software automatically integrates every piece of data from every source into a single cloud location. With Ganymede’s software built into the Flowfect Discover™ and Flowfect Tx™, data from both instruments will publish directly to the cloud and will be consistent with FAIR data principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability from the start. Kytopen’s customers will be able to:


●      Access structured Flowfect® instrument data natively in the cloud

●      Ensure that all data tied to Flowfect® instrument workflows is FAIR

●      Connect their Flowfect® instruments to electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and automatically ingest all data/results directly from the machine

●      Integrate and parse flow cytometry data related to Flowfect® runs

●      Provide documentation that captures all of the metadata involved in each instrument’s workflow 


“In biotech, data is the bedrock of every patent, paper, and product. Whether a company is in early R&D or already manufacturing a therapeutic, that data needs to be organized, centralized, and well-managed according to FAIR principles in order to make meaningful discoveries,” said Nathan Clark, Cofounder and CEO of Ganymede. “Kytopen is a leading innovator in developing novel genome engineering platforms. Our partnership reflects their commitment to cutting-edge, outstanding practices in all areas—they are revolutionizing the field of cell and gene therapy manufacturing by introducing cloud data integration between instruments, thereby enabling a more interconnected and streamlined drug development process.”


Kytopen is a leader in the development and commercialization of non-viral transfection tools. Kytopen's Flowfect® platform precisely delivers genome engineering materials to cells of therapeutic significance in a swift, scalable, and economically advantageous manner. This approach accelerates the processes of discovery, development and manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies, thereby propelling transformative advancements in healthcare. Kytopen’s groundbreaking Flowfect® platform has demonstrated compelling performance in primary cell transfection, including with CAR-T and HEK cell lines.


The partnership with Ganymede incorporates tools to streamline Flowfect® data with pre- and post-delivery analysis. In the near future, Kytopen customers will be able to seamlessly integrate data from their Flowfect® instruments with any application and existing data infrastructure via Ganymede’s platform. 

"The experimental workflows in cell and gene therapies are highly complex. Our customers are producing a product that requires sophisticated analysis generated from multiple instruments to bring new medicines to patients in need," said Bethany Grant, chief technology officer at Kytopen. "Ganymede provides a powerful, unmatched level of integration to our platform. This mutually beneficial approach will continue to enhance our analytical capabilities and serve as a model for other instrument manufacturers in the industry."