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GenScript Launches Fluorescent Western Blot Kits Based on the 2nd Generation One-Step Technology

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The One-Step method reduces the total Western Blot analysis time from 4.5 hours to a record ONE hour. The 2nd generation Western technology introduces new, highly advanced proprietary blocking reagents that further improve the sensitivity and reduce the non-specific binding commonly seen in Western analysis.

The new One-Step Fluorescent Western Kits exhibit extremely high sensitivity that results from enhanced specific binding between primary antibodies and fluorescent dye-labeled secondary antibodies, and the improved blocking of the non-specific binding of these antibodies. The treated membrane is scanned using LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging system: no dark room, developer or X-Ray film is needed. Use of different fluorescent dyes allows one-step multiplex detection of several different proteins.

Using One-Step Fluorescent Western Kits researchers can generate publication quality Western or dot blot images in record time in a highly reproducible manner. This kit is compatible with both Nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes and is suitable for all Western blot applications in biotechnological, pharmaceutical and academic laboratories.