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Government's New Carbon Plan 'Must Include All Renewables' Says Solar Developer

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mO3 Power, the UK’s largest solar power developer, urged Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne to include a central role for renewables in the new Carbon Plan that he will announce for Britain this week.

“Government has spread uncertainty over the level of Feed-in-Tariffs (F-i-T) in recent months which has hindered the development of solar power in the UK,” said Ken Moss, CEO of mO3 Power.

“The Energy Secretary’s comments this week that it is ‘all the more urgent’ to get Britain off ‘the oil hook’ are all the more poignant when viewed in this light. Renewables have to be developed efficiently if Britain is to have a safe, green, reliable source of future electricity,” he said.

Mr Huhne said: "Getting off the oil hook is made all the more urgent by the crisis in the Middle East."

"The Carbon Plan is about ensuring that the whole of government is engaged in a joined-up effort to lead us into a low-carbon world."

Last Month, Mr Huhne’s department announced that they were considering cutting the F-i-T for solar developments of up to 5MW.

“Medium and large photovoltaic (PV) developments will have to be included in the new Carbon Plan,” said Mr Moss. “To limit solar parks to 50kW in size will not encourage investors to make the very considerable financial commitments that are required for the technology to develop.”

Junior International Development Minister Alan Duncan, who is also a former oil trader, warned this week that petrol would rise above £2 a litre if the instability in the Middle East escalates further.