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H.E.L Group Releases iso-BTC+ Calorimeter for Isothermal Battery Performance Testing

H.E.L Group Releases iso-BTC+ Calorimeter for Isothermal Battery Performance Testing  content piece image
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H.E.L Group (H.E.L) has announced the release of iso-BTC+, the latest addition to its battery testing portfolio. The iso-BTC+ isothermal calorimeter defines cell, battery or pack thermal performance and characteristics under normal and extended use conditions. Built on the Company’s proven iso-BTC technology, the iso-BTC+ completes the picture on battery thermal performance, to maximize safe operational limits and establish optimal working parameters of cells.

The iso-BTC+ is designed to characterize thermal behavior and electrical performance of high power battery cells, highlighting regions of increased thermal energy generation and identifying risks of thermal runaway. It is capable of characterizing physically larger and more powerful batteries than other technologies in H.E.L Group’s BTC portfolio, up to 350mm by 350mm in size and 200W. Isothermal performance testing has applications in industries including electric vehicle manufacturing and consumer electronics. Additional features include accelerated aging tests, electrode composition analysis and battery chemistry investigations.

High quality information on the thermal behavior of batteries and cells during standard usage and under abuse conditions is vital for battery integrators and developers to demonstrate and improve the performance and safety of their products. The integrated charge-discharge unit and multipoint temperature measurement options allow for the repeated automated cycling of battery testing under a range of operating temperatures, providing a comprehensive dataset for optimizing thermal management systems and validating predicted thermal models.

H.E.L Group will be showcasing the iso-BTC+ at Battery Show Europe, Stuttgart (28-30 June), Battery Cells and Systems Expo in Birmingham (28-9 June) and the 2nd Automotive Power Battery Safety Technology Summit, Hangzhou China (12-13 July).

Louise Madden, CEO at H.E.L Group, commented: "The launch of iso-BTC+ is a culmination of many years of work and evidence of our continued promise for ongoing innovation across our range of battery testing and process safety solutions. The increased capacity and power of the iso-BTC+ will support our customers to produce the best possible products and demonstrate our commitment to facilitating the development of safe and sustainable battery technologies.