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High-Throughput Microwave Sample Preparation System

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The system features a large, highresolution, color touch screen interface that allows users to control the system and watch the included training videos. CEM’s One Touch Technology® reduces system programming to simply selecting a method that matches the sample type. Dual magnetrons deliver 1800W of power controlled by the system’s patented PowerMAX™ technology, which ensures that an optimum amount of microwave energy is constantly delivered to the sample for fast, complete digestions. The MARS 6 also features the highest temperature and pressure capabilities for the most difficult matrices. There are several available configurations and temperature and pressure control options for the MARS 6, as well as a wide variety of vessels including sets that run up to 40 samples simultaneously, making the system ideal for both routine and difficult samples. 

Connectivity is paramount in today's laboratory environment. Which is why we have created CEM iLink™ technology to allow for real time monitoring and instrument control from outside the laboratory. This app‐based technology wirelessly connects to the MARS6 using external PCs, tablets, or smartphones.