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Hormone Profiling From Randox Provides Quality Results

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The Randox Endocrine Array has been developed to detect the following hormones in human serum or plasma samples:
• Cortisol (CORT)
• Dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate (DHEAs)
• 17aHydroxyprogesterone (17aOHP)
• Leptin (LEPT)

These hormones perform various vital functions within the human body. They are involved in adrenal gland function, metabolism, the immune system as well as the maintenance of body weight and energy. They are helpful markers in the diagnosis of numerous conditions and diseases, some of which include; stress, hypoglycemia, cushings syndrome, addison’s disease, adrenal tumours, alopecia and nutritional depravation.

Designed for research and development usage, the Endocrine Array is capable of providing high quality, reliable results. This array utilises the proven multiplexing technique known as Biochip Array Technology. Biochip Array Technology allows the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from one single sample, providing a more complete patient profile and diagnosis. Only a small sample volume is required, thus saving time whilst reducing patient discomfort. Biochip Array Technology is simple and straightforward as the biochips are ready to use, reducing preparation time and more importantly, time to result.