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ImmunoDiagnostic Systems Announces the USA Release of c10 Sequential Analyzer to Wine Industry

The IDS c10 in a lab.
Credit: IDS
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ImmunoDiagnostic Systems (IDS) is announcing the US release of its c10 chemistry analyzer. As a trusted source of clinical diagnostic testing around the world, IDS is setting its sights on the wine and beverage industry to bring an established high level of accuracy and transparency to wine chemistry analysis.

Today, dozens of wine analysis laboratories in Europe use the French-built IDS platforms to run their in-house and bought-in chemical analysis.

These customers appreciate the build quality, reliability, healthcare pedigree and openness of the IDS system. The c10 is positioned as a top-of-the-range open platform to run any chemistry test, allowing the lab to work with any number of reagent providers to gain better pricing and choose the right test for the right job.

The c10 provides the wine lab an opportunity to scale up from manual or handheld instruments with a throughput capacity of over 300 tests per hour. As progress selecting its US distributor continues, wine labs should be able to access this new technology within weeks.