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Industrial Diesel Engine Air Filtration

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Porvair Filtration Group air filters are designed to meet the demands of diesel engines used for off-road, agriculture, construction, fleet and marine automotive applications, providing superior air quality, longer service life and overall optimum performance.

Air intake filters are essential for optimum heavy duty diesel engine performance. Air containing contaminants such as dust, smog, fumes and other microscopic particles can cause significant damage to all engine components and clogged air filters create increased fuel consumption, exhaust fumes and environmental pollution.

Porvair diesel air filters utilize an industry proven high strength resin impregnated cellulose pleated filter that combines good permeability with the necessary filtration efficiency to protect effectively the engine combustion equipment.

The gravimetric filtration efficiency is in excess of 99.95% and is able to operate for many hundreds of hours without change under heavy dust load.

In some cases the filter units will retain over 12 kilograms of contaminant before change out is necessary. Cleanable versions of the Porvair diesel engine filter cartridges are available for applications where the carrying of spares is not operationally possible. These can be cleaned using hydrocarbon solvents, such as fuels, or with steam.

Air intake filter units are also available with cyclonic pre-separators for use where the operational environment has a high concentration of dust. This significantly increases the working life of the filter cartridges.