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Integrated Optics Offers CW Lasers for Rent

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19.9.2016 Laser_rent_1200x628px.jpg

Scientific and R&D experiments might require trying out many different lasers before one decides about the best wavelength, bandwidth or beam delivery option. Some experiments require a laser just for one or two months – for feasibility test or quick replacement. 

There are many reasons why a laser could be rented instead of buying it. Why should this service be limited to cars, consumer electronics and construction machinery?

For the first time in the industry, a wide range of high-performance CW lasers can be rented from a Lithuanian (EU) company – Integrated Optics. End of 2015 the company has introduced a major platform upgrade for its small and cost efficient DPSS and diode lasers – the MatchBox series.

“We have gained enough trust in our new products based on very positive OEM and scientific customer evaluation, now we decided to offer these lasers for rent” – said Evaldas Pabreza, the CEO of Integrated Optics. 

15 models of lasers can be rented for one to several months, paying just 12.5% of the laser price per month. Accessories like a power supply and a heatsink come free of charge. In such setup, a laser can be installed and started in just few minutes and controlled over user-friendly PC software. 

The key applications of the Matchbox series lay in Raman spectroscopy, scanning confocal microscopy, holography, flow cytometry and various sorting techniques. Being very compact, they perfectly suit both portable industrial and space-restricted scientific setups.