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ISO16140 validation of ADIAFOOD® Salmonella spp. Duplex PCR kit

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Based on the real-time PCR technology, this range of “ready to use” kits combines sensitivity, specificity and especially speed.

ADIAFOOD® kits have been developed for a maximum simplification of the analysis: They have been developed for a maximum simplification of the analysis and feature:

•    Only one amplification protocol for all the pathogens
•    Colorimetric indicators to follow all analysis steps from extraction to PCR
•    Simultaneous analysis of many pathogens on the plate

Including enrichment and PCR processing all the ADIAFOOD kits give a result within 21 hours. This system can
be very easily used as a routine laboratory method by implementing simplified protocols and the automated result
interpretation through the Sentinel software program further enhances laboratory efficiency.

Total trust in the result is provided by an internal extraction and amplification control which validates the whole
PCR process, and checks for the absence of inhibitors

The ADIAFOOD range also includes kits for the detection of Listeria spp, E. coli O157:H7 and Campylobacter and
further ISO16140 AFNOR and AOAC validation are in progress.