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Making The Best Better: MARS 6 Reloaded

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In 1986 CEM pioneered the technique of microwave digestion. Back then power and time were the only control parameters available. This posed difficulties because line voltage variations made it impossible to transfer methods between labs. To address this CEM introduced temperature control of a single vessel with a fiber optic probe. This improved the method but only gave statists on one vessel. In 2003 CEM launched the MARSXpress™ system which gave infrared temperature measurement of all vessels but this technique was limited to surface measurement of the vessel, not the sample within. In an effort to constantly improve our product and the user’s experience, CEM proudly introduces iWave™, an innovative temperature measure and control system. iWave sees through the vessel, measuring the temperature of the sample-acid mixture inside every vessel. It’s like having a fiber optic probe in every vessel improving digestion quality and ensuring accurate data and the safest digestion conditions. 

To further enhance the experience of using a MARS 6™ CEM developed iLink™, the latest advancement in remote laboratory technology. iLink allows a user to remotely monitor and control multiple MARS 6 systems from any mobile device. This cutting edge software increases productivity by maximizing out of lab time with remote method development and report processing.