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MALS detector for Size Exclusion Chromatography

MALS detector for Size Exclusion Chromatography content piece image
Credit: Postnova
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Postnova Analytics PN3621 MALS detector is a new  Multi-Angle Light Scattering detection for Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and Field Flow Fractionation (FFF) systems. The detector simultaneously measures the intensity of scattering at 21 angles which enables the precise calculation of the absolute molecular weight of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers, and also molecular size expressed as the radius of gyration, Rg.

Incorporating the broadest range of working angles (7° - 164°) in a commercially available light scattering detector the Postnova PN3621 MALS ensures unmatched precision in molecular weight and particle size determination. Employing 21 angles of light scattering detection allows the PN3621 to achieve better results, especially with complex or high molar mass polymers, particles and protein aggregates.

The precision of molar mass and particle size determination is not only dependent on the total number of angles available, but also on the number of low detection angles which can be used for calculation. Angles below 35° are crucial for precise molar mass and size determination of branched polymers, high molar mass macromolecules, protein aggregates and particles. The Postnova PN3621 MALS offers a complete set of stable and sensitive low angle detectors at 7°, 12°, 20° and 28°. This high sensitivity means detecting even small peptides at low concentrations is not a problem.

The Postnova PN3621 MALS safeguards large and potentially fragile protein aggregates, high molar mass macromolecules and particles by incorporating a vertical ‘clean by design’ flow cell where the sample can easily pass through without any alteration. For maximum flexibility the Postnova PN3621 MALS allows a read-in up to 3 external analogue signals.

A single software platform is available for the PN3621 MALS and the full suite of Postnova SEC/FFF detectors (RI, UV, Viscometer, DLS, ICP-MS). The PN3621 is very compact and lightweight saving laboratory space and enabling easy transport and use the detector in different locations. Due to its unique design and advanced performance features, the PN3621 MALS is ideally suited for the most challenging applications.