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Metrohm Industry Seminar Series

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Metrohm USA is proud to announce the launch of its industry-specific seminar series. Addressing industries from power generation to pharmaceuticals, these seminars include the most recent technology and application developments and allow attendees the opportunity to network with others from the region.

“Metrohm is committed to hosting industry events that keep scientists up-to-date on improvements that can make their lab work faster, safer and more efficient,” says Edward Colihan, President and CEO of Metrohm USA. ”These half-day events bring recent advancements directly to our customers.”

Seminar Topics include:

  • Chemical Analysis and Recovery of Caustic and Chloralkali Based Chemicals and Processes
  • EPA Compliant Waste Water Analysis with Improved Productivity and Profitability
  • Solutions for Analytical Challenges in Regulated Laboratories
  • Power Plant Safety and Corrosive Ion Monitoring
  • Improving Commerce and Refinery Efficiency through Enhanced Corrosion Monitoring.

More information about these seminars and complete topical agendas can be found below.