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METTLER TOLEDO Launches New Compact Titration 10S Line: Simple and Secure

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Lean laboratories is the driving force for METTLER TOLEDO's Compact 10S titrator design. Equipped with a high-resolution touch screen, with the new METTLER TOLEDO One Click® graphical user interface and PDF generation, the Compact 10S line is the ideal choice for dedicated daily titrations. Thanks to the One Click® usability concept, routine titrations are easily conducted. In addition, Plug & Play for burettes, sensors and accessories facilitates their use without having to worry about errors. The well-established Compact Titration features are enhanced with new compelling benefits, of which the following are particularly noteworthy:

Dedicated analysis – Designed for dedicated and simple tasks, the strength of the Compact 10S line is its measurement performance in basic chemical, food and academic applications.

Keep your data available – The modern interface of the 10S line offers more flexibility on data export. With the Ethernet connection, .csv, .pdf or .xml files can be sent to network printers or local servers. The USB connection of the titrator enables command of compact or local printers, as well as data storage on a USB stick.

More comfort and better ergonomics – The new graphical user interface is identical to the latest METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments and allows up to four shortcuts to be saved. The 5.7" color touch screen comes with VGA high-resolution technology.