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New Air-Bearing Rheometer Provides Enhanced Measurement Capabilities and Greater Flexibility

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Scientists in industrial QA/QC and research and development laboratories seeking to increase workflow efficiency and reduce operator errors can now rely on a portable, versatile and modular air-bearing oscillation rheometer. The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ Air rheometer, on display at Pittcon 2016 (booth 2239) at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, is designed to set new standards for footprint size, ease of use and flexibility. It extends the capabilities and measurement range of the HAAKE Viscotester iQ product line to enable monitoring of very low viscous materials.

The HAAKE Viscotester iQ Air rheometer features a modular design so users can quickly exchange measuring configurations to accommodate a variety of sample viscosities and measurement requirements. This is not only ideal for challenging industrial applications, but also will enable labs to expand capabilities as their needs change. Additionally, built-in Connect Assist technology provides real-time feedback that reduces operator errors and makes it easier for users to set up for sample testing procedures.

“Laboratories are constantly striving to improve workflows while reducing costs, and we’ve designed the HAAKE Viscotester iQ Air rheometer to do this by helping to reduce operator failures and optimize workflows while improving reliability and ensuring consistent quality of end products,” said Birgit Schroeder, product line director, materials characterization products, Thermo Fisher. “It also features self-explaining test methods designed to assist operation of the instrument.”

The HAAKE Viscotester iQ Air rheometer is designed to acquire simple viscosity curves, complex rheological investigations in rotation or oscillation, covering measurements ranging from low-viscous liquids to highly viscous pastes. It also offers several operating modes including touchscreen interface, for standalone routine measurement; USB flash drive, to provide extended capabilities; and operated, with full software control from a computer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete portfolio of rheology testing solutions, and the Viscotester range has been specifically developed to meet the demands of rheological tasks in quality control, combining fast, reliable and precise measurements with maximum ease of use.